New years celebration

The Greatest New Year's show in the World.

The main stage of the New Year's Eve party is Copacabana beach. Every year, Copacabana, one of the most famous places in the world, prepares to host around 2 million persons, coming from the four corners of the world. The majority dressed in white, the Cariocas and their visitors bid farewell to the year that is ending and toast the arrival of the new year. In the four-kilometre extension of sand and asphalt, one may watch nearly 20 minutes of firework in the sky or the cascade down in waterfall formation on hotel facades. An incomparable spectacle that could only happen in a city like Rio. As of 8.00 p.m. on December 31st, sound speaker towers assembled along the beach begin to play musical hits at the same time that oceanfront hotels and restaurants open their doors for special dinner in the most varied gastronomic styles. Shortly before midnight, when the four kilometres of sand and asphalt are packed with people, the countdown of the year's last minutes begins. Itīs a delirious thrill. At midnight, the fireworks display begins, all over the shore. Music for all tastes enlivens the evening. Stage set up along the beach present shows with samba, "pagode" and popular Brazilian music, to the joy of Cariocas and visitors, until the arrival of the first ray of sunlight of the new year. You have never seen anything like it.