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We are a professional services consultancy that provides large investment opportunities for projects in the many business sectors of Brazil.

We are specialists in Brazil, with a unique expertise in the fast-growing State of Rio de Janeiro. One of our best clients once described us as "door openers", we are a group who makes successful deals happen.  We direct the players to get the best opportunities and manage the "Brazilian Way" of business for our overseas clients.

Our executive team has years of experience with investment and business management in Brazil.  This unique perspective as international business-people living and working in Brazil provides us the understanding of the idiosyncrasies of doing business in Brazil.

Oil & gas - Infrastructure - Energy - Construction - Engineering - Architecture - Aviation - Ports & Maritime - Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals -  Construction -  Education & Training -  Info Tech/Telecom -  Logistics -  Shipping & Transport -  Insurance -  Security & Risk Management -  Hospitality -  Real Estate - & Residential & Commercial

We are located in Rio de Janeiro to take advantage of the projected explosive growth.

Real estate has a huge investment potential in Rio. Over the next 10 years, the projection is for 1,000,000 new homes with the majority of these homes in the next 3 years. For example, the Minha Casa, Minha Vida (My Home, My Life) project for Santa Cruz in the State of Rio will be 50,000 units alone.

The oil and energy sectors are creating a great demand for investments due to the 2006 discovery of a potential 50 billion barrels of oil off the coast of Sao Paulo (Santos Basin). This is creating an investment demand of over US$440 Billion. There are many oil and support companies coming to Brazil now and Petrobras is always searching for companies to assist them in exploiting this oil field.

The 2016 Olympic games are coming to Rio de Janeiro and will generate about US$40 Billion of investments. In addition, the 2014 World Cup (futebol/football/soccer) games are coming to Brazil as well as the Confederation games in 2013, all requiring investments. One additional area of interest has been in shopping centers and retail sales.  These are an interesting area for investment in Brazil, see some projects we offer here!

Other areas such as Ports, Logistics, and Government are also growing very quickly with limited risk. Our experts can help you find the right investment area for your needs.

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